WP1 Analysis Methodology Framework Development
WP Description

WP1 is the foundation of the overall project and elaborates a solid methodology for for the development of subsequent scientific WPs.

Within this WP all value chain players a rerepresented, as the ee-WiSE consortium represents itself the value chain of the Mediterranean area.

This WP is starting point for fostering the knowledge transfer within agents of the value chain. It sets its goals to design optimal tools to undertake the analysis of each designed concept,including a list of definitions related to the energy efficiency in the Mediterranean

In this WP knowledge transfer is understood as:

Knowledge Transfer involves the processes for capturing, collecting and sharing explicit and tacit knowledge, including skills and competence. It includes both commercial and non-commercial activities such as research collaborations, consultancy,licensing, spin-off creation, researcher mobility, publication, etc. While the emphasis is on scientific and technological knowledge other forms such as technology-enabled business processes are also concerned. (European Commission,2007).


o D.1.1. - The Energy Efficiency value chain in the Mediterranean

INTROMAC is R&D Technological Centre in Spain, specialized in construction and in the project acts as Coordinator.
Contact: ee-wise@intromac.com