WP2 Study of the state of the art in the EE sector in bulding retrofitting
WP Description

The objectives of this WP are to study the current situation related to knowledge transfer in energy efficient building retrofitting in the Mediterranean area, including the identification of the knowledge gaps and breakpoints between the value chain members.

The goals of the study are to collect and deliver relevant information related to building retrofitting, such as:

-         Business models

-         EE techniques and solutions

-         Funding measures– public and private

-         Analysis of the existing building types

-         EE promoting policies

-         Possible cross-sectoral collaborations to be analyzed

-         Certification requirements in different Mediterranean countries

The value chain flows and their efficiency or inefficiency is also part of the work within this WP. A Parallel SWOT analysis will help to identify the crucial internal and external factors that influence the knowledge transfer.


o D.2.1 - State of the Art of the Building Retrofitting sector

AIDICO (Spain), Construction Technology Institute, which leads the state of the art study.