WP4 Knowledge Transfer Framework and Tools Design for the EE sector in building retrofitting
WP Description

Within this WP the ee-WiSE consortium will design and develop tools for needs related to knowledge transfer along the value chain, paying special attention to the roles and needs of SMEs in the chain. A virtual knowledge transfer tool shall be designed and provided to the value chain members. This will be the main means to support the knowledge transfer between all value chain members and especially towards SMEs. This shall be integral part of the web site of the project and shall be user friendly and intuitive.

Within this WP ee-WiSE will provide the EE SMEs with training tools for improving their knowledge in energy efficiency in Mediterranean.


o D.4.2 - The Design of the Knowledge Transfer Framework

WP Leader: Avaca Technologies S.A.
AVACA (Greece) is responsible for development of the software tools.